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What is your Car Trying to Tell You?

Sometimes when we’re driving we start to hear noises coming from our vehicles. Whether it is buzzing, humming, clanking, or squeaking, all of these can make a driver a little nervous. Knowing some of the more common sounds will give you a better idea of what is going on with your car, and how to deal with the situation properly.

  1. Noises coming from under your hood: if you hear squeaking it may mean that your accessory belt is damaged. A technician will need to fix this, so taking it  in is a good idea. If you hear a hissing noise coming from under the hood, it may be a vacuum leak. If this noise is heard or you notice the “check engine” light is on, schedule an appointment today!


  1. Squealing or squeaking breaks: this may be an indication of your brake pads wearing down. This happens over time in all vehicles, and means you should take your car in and repair your brakes.


  1. Groaning when you turn a corner: if your vehicle makes a sound when turning a corner and it sounds like it is coming from the steering wheel, chances are the linkage in your steering is damaged. It may need to be lubricated, or if it is damaged enough, be replaced.


  1. Grinding: if you hear metal grinding, it means two pieces of metal are touching where they shouldn’t be. Because pieces of your car are out of place, you should get this checked immediately to avoid further damage to your car.



Noises in your car can make any driver nervous. Although some of these noises are minor, it is still a good idea to be cautious. When in doubt, take it to a technician and see if they can identify the problem; it’s always better to stay on the safe side when it comes to you and your vehicle! Call and schedule your appointment today at one of our TGK Automotive shops!

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