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What to do if Your Brakes go out While Driving

Have you ever had your brakes go out while driving? This can be surprising and scary for anybody, but there are tips to help you deal with this calmly and safely in order to try to prevent further accidents.

  • Don’t Panic Keeping a clear head can help a lot in this situation.  By keeping calm, you will more safely get your car off the road and get yourself to safety.
  • Try your brakes one more time – Try to gently push down on the brake pedal, or carefully “pumping” the brakes.  If this doesn’t work, you know that the brakes have failed.
  • Try to slow down – Reduce your speed by carefully employing your emergency brake, or if your car is manual, downshift in order to slow the engine down. Keep your foot off of the accelerator, but remember to take these steps gradually and slowly.
  • Remove your vehicle from traffic – When your car has slowed down, gradually move to get off of the road.  Do not make sudden turns or sharp movements with the steering wheel, but carefully remove your vehicle from other cars on the road.  Don’t forget to turn on your hazards to warn the other cars around you.
  • Call for help – Once you are safely on the side of the road, use your phone to call a tow truck.  Here at TGK Automotive we offer towing all around the Twins Cities area.  Be sure to steer clear of traffic and stay away from the road.
  • Have your car checked – After you are safely off of the road, bring your car to a shop and have it inspected to make sure your brakes and any other parts of your vehicle are in good shape.  At TGK Automotive we have ASE certified technicians.

If you are having problems with your brakes or think your vehicle may need other maintenance, call one of our TGK Automotive shops today! Both our Maplewood and Hugo locations would be happy to answer any questions and assist you in scheduling an appointment.
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