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What to do if Your Engine Overheats


Your vehicle’s engine is most likely to overheat in the hot humid summer months that Minnesota has.  This should not be a problem with new vehicle’s but even a well performing vehicle could have problems.  If you notice your dashboard temperature indicator rising or a temperature light comes on you should follow the following steps to avoid ruining your whole engine.

1. Pull Over – Make sure to pull over to a safe spot and turn off your vehicle.

2. Let Cool – Let your engine cool down and then you can open the hood.

3. Check Antifreeze – Check the antifreeze level in the radiator.  If you are unsure how to do this, check the owners manual.  Also, make sure the radiator cap is cool before opening it.  You should use a towel and stand back to avoid any hot steam.  If needed, fill up the radiator with coolant.

4.  Check Hoses – Check to see if the radiator or heater hoses have been blocked, images (2)disconnected or had burst.

5. Restart the Engine – Turn on the engine and be carefully monitor the temperature gauge.  If overheating continues pull over and call a tow truck to have it looked at.
An overheating engine is not something to take lightly.  If it overheats the whole engine could be ruined.  If you notice your engine is starting to heat up it is best to take it to a repair shop.  Here at TGK Automotive we have ASE certified technicians that can help diagnose the problem and get your vehicle back up and running smoothly.

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