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Why the Heater in Your Vehicle May Not be Working

Recently, someone with a Saturn Vue stopped by our TGK Automotive shop in Hugo with the following complaint; they could smell coolant remnants and their windows would get foggy while driving.  One of the technicians conducted a cooling system pressure test to verify that it was the heater core leaking that was causing the unusual problems.

The heater core transfers heat off hot coolant passing through before it returns to the cooling system.  It is a small radiator that is made up of aluminum or brass tubing with cooling fins that can be found under the dashboard of the vehicle.

In order to get to the heater core, the technician had to pull out the entire dashboard, both front seats, and much more.  It took about 10 hours of labor just to get to the to the heater core and replace it.  To no surprise the technician found calcium build up from coolant leaking on it.  He replaced the heater core and everything was put back into place. Overall, replacing the heating core took about 14 hours to replace and be put back together.

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