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Why You Should Consider Flushing Your Radiator

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After years of constant circulation and heat cycling, the cooling system’s fluids and parts start to break down and clog up. It’s important to keep your car’s cooling system running well. Changing the coolant every couple of years helps to keep things clean and fresh, flowing coolant to your engine to help maximize its lifespan.

Occasionally, the cooling system will clog up to the point that a chemical and/or machine flush is required to remove contaminants. Without coolant flow, the cooling system simply cannot do its job. A flushing kit – available at most auto parts stores – can be used to clear the system of blockages, and any of the six TGK Automotive repair shops  can do this service for you.

If you’ve been using tap water in your cooling system or it has been otherwise contaminated with minerals over time, you may even need to replace some of the system components, such as hoses, the radiator and heater core. A well-functioning cooling system is vital to an engine’s longevity.


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