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Custom Wheels

  Want to make your vehicle stand out and perform better? Enhance your ride with custom wheels. The wheels you choose depend on your vehicle’s use and driving conditions. For instance, you can increase the size of your wheels for off-road driving or add spinning rims for cruising around town. No matter your needs, talk to our professionals and we will give you custom wheel options. What type of custom wheels do you want?   Aluminum Alloy Wheels: Light-weight and strong, these whe More

Batteries and Electrical System

  If you purchase a battery at TGK Automotive, we will install it for free!* *Some exclusions apply. Contact us today for details!   Let’s face it: you can have the most meticulously maintained vehicle on the road, but it won’t start without the right battery – properly installed and appropriately fitted – for your driving needs. From ignition to door locks, your car battery allows you to get from point “A” to point “B.”   The following is  More


  When your vehicle alignment is not proportioned correctly, two issues may occur: Driving becomes more expensive Driving becomes more dangerous   Driving without proper alignment costs you money. Not only does flawed alignment decrease gas mileage and tire life, but it also adds stress to your vehicle’s steering equipment and structure. Ideally, your vehicle’s wheels should run perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Adjusting these wheel angles will bring  More


Exhaust System

The flow of your exhaust system is very important. This is what allows your vehicle to breath. Pretty important right, we all need to breath, so fixing any leaks or plugged up components can help and improve your vehicles performance. In some cases it improves your gas mileage. At TGK Automotive we also do custom exhaust. We have the equipment in our shop to make an exhaust system for any car from scratch. • High performance exhaust • Stock exhaust systems • Dual exhaust systems • Chrome More


Fuel Injection System

The fuel injection system is the system that supports and delivers the fuel to the engine. First we have the fuel pump which suppresses and pressurizes the fuel up to the fuel rail where the injectors are. The fuel pump is most commonly located in the fuel tank. The fuel rail and injectors are what delivers the fuel in a spray to each cylinder of the engine. More


Suspension System

The suspensions purpose is to provide a comfortable ride while maintaining proper vehicle tracking, directional stability, and to minimize tire wear. The main components are springs, shock absorbers or struts and sway bars. First the springs, either the coil spring or the leaf spring, control the ride height of the vehicle. Then there are shocks or struts which absorb the road conditions and keep the tires on the road surface. More