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How Often Should I Have My Spark Plugs Replaced?

Vehicle manufacturers make much of the fact that their products come equipped with extended-life spark plugs that can maintain a precise gap for 100,000 miles. However, before you wait that long to re


How to Reduce Your Vehicle Maintenance Costs

If you want to avoid nasty and unexpected surprise maintenance costs, sticking to a regimented schedule of preventative maintenance is something you are going to want to get used to. The reason being


Tire Rotation 101

Car manufacturers recommend you rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, convenient timing to perform the service roughly at every other oil change, depending on when you change it. Why Do It? B


What to Do If You Find Your Car Doors and Windows Frozen

Minnesota winters are known for huge swings in temperature. One day it may be a balmy 32 degrees while the next day plunges to the sub-zero range. The condensation that builds-up on the warmer days co


Why Is My Muffler Rattling?

A loose bracket, rubber hanger or connector, or one that is badly corroded, can allow a muffler to rattle when you accelerate or drive on bumpy roads, or even when the car is stationary and idling. A


What Does Your Car’s Color Say About You?

Was the color of the vehicle a factor the last time you bought a car? Or do you have a favorite car color? If you said yes to either (or both) of those questions, then you might want to know what your