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Timing belts are regular wear-and-tear items that needs to be replaced. Many vehicle owners don’t pay attention to the timing belt until it’s too late! The engine depends on the timing belt’s placement and performance to start and keep other engine components in sync. TGK Automotive in Crystal, MN has a team of highly qualified technicians who are experienced at inspecting and repairing timing belts. The car manufacturer will recommend service intervals, but this is general guideline that may or may not fit your specific situation. Parts will wear down or become compromised as the result of many factors. Our technicians are always able to inspect and analyze your vehicle’s specific condition. This gives you the most accurate information about your vehicle’s need for a timing belt repair or replacement. Timing belts are often misdiagnosed so make sure you trust its inspection, maintenance, or repairs to the professionals at TGK Automotive.

Tensioner, Pulley & Water Pump Replacements

Our team specializes in timing belt repair. Hopefully, your vehicle’s engine has not broken down due to a malfunctioning timing belt. If it has, we’re the shop to call because we’ll restore the engine to perfect working order. We’re also able to service any of the engine components associated with the timing belt such as tensioners, pulleys and water pumps. Keep your vehicle’s engine completely synchronized. Timing belts are the key to pistons and valves operating in sync. TGK Automotive never wants you to be caught by surprise by a faulty timing belt. If the timing belt snaps, the engine will not start and then you will need to have your vehicle towed to our service station. We’re happy to meet all of our clients’ needs, but we hate to see them towed to our shop. We know that time, expense and inconvenience could have been avoided if they had reached out to us a little sooner. Our team would have performed a thorough inspection and repair service that preserved your engine’s quality performance.

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Give us a call today to find out what condition your timing belt is in. Vehicle owners should consult their owner’s manual to find out how often replacement is recommended. This general guideline should still be supported by a qualified technician’s inspection. Our team is ready to diagnose your engine and the timing belt to determine if you need a replacement. Our goal is to protect and preserve the engine’s quality performance at all times; that means for today and the foreseeable future. Staying ahead of timing belt repairs and replacements will avoid inconvenient and expensive breakdowns. Give us a call today at 763-535-1716 to schedule a timing belt repair or replacement service.


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