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Solving Your Check Engine Light Mysteries

This has happened to most drivers. You’re driving down the highway, minding your own business and the check engine light comes on out-of-nowhere. This brings a lot of questions to mind. The first question is usually Why. Many drivers may take a guess at why but there’s really no way of knowing without professional diagnostic equipment. There usually won’t be any other warning signs to accompany the check engine light, but this does not mean that the dashboard alert is not serious. TGK Automotive in Eden Prairie, MN discourages drivers from trying to self-diagnose their check engine light. Just because there are no other signs of trouble doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on under the hood. The initial alert will be a solid red/orange light. While this is not a time to panic, this definitely should not be ignored.

State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment

We understand that a visit to TGK Automotive may not be at the top of your to-do list, but ensuring your vehicle’s peak performance is our top priority. It’s difficult to take proper care of your vehicle you the check engine light is never dealt with. Our team will use the industry’s most advanced engine diagnostic equipment to find out the source of the trouble. Avoid a time-consuming misdiagnosis and any unnecessary repairs by trusting your check engine light repair to us. The problem could be something as simple as a loose gas cap or as complex as a transmission repair need. Finding out the truth is half the battle with fixing any of your vehicle’s performance issues. We have a team of experienced ASE Certified technicians that are ready to provide a complete diagnostic service and perform the accurate repair solution. Be proactive! Get here before the check engine starts to blink. This means the vehicle’s about to break down, leaving your stranded on the side of the road.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Repair

Today’s the day to get rid of that annoying little light on your dashboard. You may have ignored it long enough, but it can’t do anymore damage after we provide our services. Get an accurate diagnosis that lets you know exactly what’s wrong, and we’ll let you know exactly how we can fix it. TGK Automotive in Eden Prairie, MN is ready for your call or your visit to our shop. Our same-day services can have you in and out in no time. Extend your engine’s road-life by performing the check engine light repair service in a timely manner. Give us a call today at 952-941-3481 to schedule your next check engine light repair service. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. Next time you’re in the area–9051 Flying Cloud Drive–feel free to stop by with any questions or concerns.


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